Engaged | McKenzie + Blake

On Sunday, I was able to spend the morning with this newly engaged (and quite adorable) couple at Fred Fletcher Park. After emailing back and forth with McKenize, I knew they were going to be a fun pair to shoot, and they were so effortless in front of the camera. You can tell they are just smitten with each other. Every time these two love birds looked at one other, their eyes literally lit up. I had so much fun capturing this sweet time for McKenzie and Blake. Thanks you two for spending the morning with us!

mckensie_blake 144.jpg
mckensie_blake 106.jpg
mckensie_blake 119.jpg
mckensie_blake 243 CROP.jpg
mckensie_blake 284.jpg
mckensie_blake 346.jpg
mckensie_blake 164.jpg
mckensie_blake 029.jpg
mckensie_blake 273.jpg
mckensie_blake 073.jpg
mckensie_blake 154.jpg
mckensie_blake 081.jpg
mckensie_blake 034.jpg
mckensie_blake 067.jpg
mckensie_blake 299 cropped.jpg
mckensie_blake 099.jpg
mckensie_blake 083.jpg
mckensie_blake 025.jpg
mckensie_blake 132.jpg
mckensie_blake 176.jpg
mckensie_blake 189.jpg
mckensie_blake 213.jpg
mckensie_blake 414.jpg

Married | Amanda + Nate

I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid at one of my dear friend's wedding. When I say it was a pleasure, I mean it. Amanda is the most calm and collected bride I have ever seen. Her wedding day was sheer joy and loads of fun was had by all who were lucky enough to attend. My legs were sore for days after from all of the dancing! Here are a few photos I snapped throughout the day. Amanda put some serious thought into all of the details and it showed! This gorgeous couple had the ceremony and reception at Haywood Hall in Raleigh, NC.


Our Wedding | Two Year Anniversary

Today is our anniversary - how can two years have already gone by?! To celebrate and reminisce, Brian and I planned a day trip to the establishments that were a part of our big day. We started at the Tucker House in Raleigh that was the site for our reception. Brian had called ahead and we got to sneak in on the tail end of a bride to be's informational appointment. It was so fun to poke around and be in that house again. I still love it just as much as the day we got married.

tucker house outside2.jpg
tucker house edited.jpg
tucker house outside1.jpg
tucker house column.jpg

Next on the agenda was Side Street Cafe, just down the street (no pun intended). Y'all, if you want some good 'ol Southern food, this is the place to go. The owner, Mary Lou, is the epitome of a Southern woman and you will definitely be bathed in Southern hospitality once you walk through the charming white paneled door. It is a little hole in the wall, which is my kind of place.

side street 1.jpg
side street 3 edited.jpg
side street 2.jpg

Last stop was a walk through the Raleigh Little Theater Rose Garden. A wedding limo was just driving off as we got to the entrance. How fitting! The roses were on their last legs after the first bloom of the season, but were still absolutely gorgeous. If you are in the area, this is a romantic spot worth checking out. 

coral rose edited.jpg
orange rose edited.jpg
hot pink rose edited.jpg
pink rose edited.jpg

We capped off the evening by opening up a bottle of the wine we served at our wedding (a Trader Joe's find). The weather was perfect for sitting on the front porch rocking chairs with our fur baby, Lola.

brian edited.jpg
lola edited.jpg

All in all, it was a pretty great way to celebrate our anniversary. Do you have any special traditions for your anniversary?