Our Weekend | NC State Fair

I think the North Carolina State Fair is by far my favorite date night activity. Plus, it makes it extra special that it only comes around once a year. Brian and I have been going every year since we started dating in 2006. He used to volunteer at the Cheerwine Booth (doesn't get much more Southern than that!) and I would visit and swoon. :) We actually don't ride any of the rides, but opt to sample a LOT of fried food (deep fried Snickers anyone?), admire the blue ribbon blooms, take a look at the very talented students' artwork, and visit the cutest, fuzziest baby chicks where I try to convince Brian (unsuccessfully) that we need to take some of them home with us. It is the best. Here are a few photos from this year.

NC State Fair Carousel
n cstate fair 014 copy.jpg
n cstate fair 015 copy.jpg
Ship Artwork
Baby chicks
Sweet Potatos
n cstate fair 042 copy.jpg
Ferris Wheel
n cstate fair 024 copy.jpg
Lavender Rose
Apricot Roses
Purple Flowers
Ice Cream

Our Weekend | Crystal Coast

I am very fortunate in the fact that my parents have a cozy condo at Atlantic Beach. I am even more fortunate that they let Brian, Lola and me tag along for weekend trips quite often. This time of year is my favorite time to go. It was still warm enough to sit on the beach in a bathing suit, but it is cool enough that the summer vacation season is over and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. Lola had a grand old time sprinting up and down the shore. :) We even got to cross off one of our activities on the Fall To Do List by going on a walking Ghost Tour of Beaufort. If you have never been to Beaufort, I would highly recommend the trip. It is my absolute favorite place in North Carolina and is chock-full of charm. On the way home, we made a detour to Bath, NC (the oldest town in NC) and squeezed in a bit more sight-seeing before the weekend was through.

beach edited.jpg
brian edited.jpg
house edited.jpg
chapel edited.jpg