Inspiration Boards | March 2014

We had our first taste of Spring here in NC (finally!) and I can't seem to get a romantic pastel wedding out of my head. There is something so lovely about a wedding full of tulle, gigantic garden roses, and twinkling sunset receptions. Pastels tend to be a bit overwhelming, but when you stick to just a few shades, the effect is not so sickeningly sweet. How amazing is this vintage tulle dress? And what about those amazing floral kraft paper wedding invitations with swirling white calligraphy? Ack, if only I could have two weddings! :)

Welcome Spring! Here is to gardens blooming, windows rolled down, and breaking out those springtime dresses!

Lovey Dovey Darling | March Wedding Inspiration Board - Pastels and Blossoms

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Inspiration Boards | February 2014

While February is a short month to start, I feel like it has already flown by! With just a week and some change left in the month of love, I couldn't not include a romantic inspiration board! So even though Valentine's Day has come and gone, I am still loving the pops of rich red and metallic gold. A bubble gum pink often gets added to this mix for the holiday, and while I am definitely on team pink, I think the classic combo of red and gold is hard to top. I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating with your beau or loved ones and here is to making the love last the rest of the year!

Lovey Dovey Darling | February Inspiration Board - Gold and Scarlet Red

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Inspiration Boards | November 2013

While November is quite a busy month in preparation of the up-coming holiday season, it is also a lovely time to get married in the South! Even though the colors around us are brown and orange, it is easy to mesh these with a pop of color - like one of my favorites, coral. :)

November Wedding Inspiration Board: Coral and Kraft | Lovey Dovey Darling


Inspiration Boards | October 2013

October really is a beautiful time to get married. I love the contrast between the orange-y leaves and baby blue skies (makes for some pretty killer photos, too). I think some people have a difficult time imagining a color palette for this month. I know my mind instantly goes to the Halloween theme: black, orange, and scary. Not really ideal wedding material. The warm colors of this month actually allow you to create a really warm and cozy atmosphere that can be quite classic and romantic. Imagine a s'mores station, plush fleece blankets for guests, and tapered candles as far as the eye can see. You digging it yet? Here is my take on an October Wedding. Oh, and don't miss out on that gorgeous dress.