DIY | Couples Halloween Costumes

I have always wanted to make coordinating costumes for me and Brian. Something different that no one else would wear. Every year, time seemed to escape, and we end up grabbing last year's store-bought costumes from the back of the closet. My sister (who is Queen of Halloween) won't be here this year to throw her fabulous Halloween party, so I am not sure we will get to bring any of the below costumes to fruition, but I hope these help get the creative juices flowing for you and your beau's get-ups! 

Gatsby & Daisy, Carrie & Big, Mary Poppins & Bert, William & Kate, Bonnie & Clyde, Cory & Topanga

Gatsby & Daisy, Carrie & Big, Mary Poppins & Bert, William & Kate, Bonnie & Clyde, Cory & Topanga

DIY | Prinstagram

I think one of the best features of Instagram nowadays is it's application to weddings - but, I will admit, I am slightly biased! Back in the day (even the mere two years ago when I got married), you waited week upon agonizing week to get those precious photos back from your photographer. You were lucky to see a sneak peek blog post or quick snapshot from a friend. Now, all you need is a clever #hashtag and your friends' cell phones to create a real time photo gallery that is great fun going through the day after.

So, you have all of these amazing photos captured by your nearest and dearest. Now what? I stumbled upon the website Printstagram that offers a variety of Instagram wedding fun! Here are a few ways you can incorporate these products into your wedding. 


Perfect for your desk or as a gift for your parents, it would be so fun to see a different picture of the big day every day!

Prints & Posters
To me, those stuffy formal wedding portraits of the bride and groom are a little outdated. Personally, I don't want a giant canvas of myself staring back at me all the time. I would much rather see a giant collage of my friends and family dancing up a storm and crying through thoughtful toasts.

These itty bitty books make great gifts for the in-laws and are the perfect size for your coffee table!

The stickers are my favorite! Use them on the back of thank you note envelopes for a fun reminder of the good times had. Or, use your engagement photos on Instagram to create stickers to include with your save the dates. Guests can mark their calenders of the big day with a cute picture of you and your beau.