Ideas | Children at Weddings

I know there are a lot of brides who know little ones that hold a special place in their hearts. There were a handful of kiddos at our wedding that I couldn't imagine NOT being there. That being said, I know there are concerns as to how to keep those little minds occupied during a long wedding day. Here are a few ideas that I think will keep the adults and kids happy! 

  • Create a personalized place setting to make your favorite little girls and boys feel extra special and welcome. Include fun activities like coloring books and candy necklaces for hours of playtime. 
  • Hire a babysitter that will stick around for both the ceremony and reception. The sitter can keep kids in an adjoining room during the vows so that the parents (and bride!) don't have to worry about outbursts during the "I dos". Afterwards, the parents can let loose at the reception. 
  • Include cameras at each child's seat. He or she will love taking photos all night! Plus, I guarantee you will get some amazing candid moments from them! 
  • Simply making the kids' table look fun will draw those kids in like bugs to a flame. Add giant balloons and colorful linens to make it look inviting.
  • Serve kid-friendly food! Kids are usually picky eaters, so having food they recognize and will want to eat can eliminate temper tantrums.