Engaged | McKenzie + Blake

On Sunday, I was able to spend the morning with this newly engaged (and quite adorable) couple at Fred Fletcher Park. After emailing back and forth with McKenize, I knew they were going to be a fun pair to shoot, and they were so effortless in front of the camera. You can tell they are just smitten with each other. Every time these two love birds looked at one other, their eyes literally lit up. I had so much fun capturing this sweet time for McKenzie and Blake. Thanks you two for spending the morning with us!

mckensie_blake 144.jpg
mckensie_blake 106.jpg
mckensie_blake 119.jpg
mckensie_blake 243 CROP.jpg
mckensie_blake 284.jpg
mckensie_blake 346.jpg
mckensie_blake 164.jpg
mckensie_blake 029.jpg
mckensie_blake 273.jpg
mckensie_blake 073.jpg
mckensie_blake 154.jpg
mckensie_blake 081.jpg
mckensie_blake 034.jpg
mckensie_blake 067.jpg
mckensie_blake 299 cropped.jpg
mckensie_blake 099.jpg
mckensie_blake 083.jpg
mckensie_blake 025.jpg
mckensie_blake 132.jpg
mckensie_blake 176.jpg
mckensie_blake 189.jpg
mckensie_blake 213.jpg
mckensie_blake 414.jpg